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Coventry End of Tenancy Cleaning

For those seeing their rental tenancy coming to an end and are looking to move to a new location a great way to secure your deposit back is with a Coventry end-of-tenancy cleaning service. If you find yourself a landlord you must also provide a clean rental property for the next tenant. Of course, if your last tenant doesn’t use it you can always reach out to us for an end-of-tenancy cleaning as well.

RHC Cleaning is fully trained, equipped, and completely insured to handle your end-of-tenancy cleaning service. This service can be considered for office cleaning as well.

We work hard to ensure that your property is ready to go. We do this with the help of a comprehensive end-of-tenancy cleaning service checklist.

  • Deep cleaning of the bathroom.
  • Thorough kitchen cleaning and all related major and minor appliances are already there.
  • Proper floor cleaning and always using the right type of cleaning solution based on the floor material.
  • Extensive vacuuming of not only carpets but all the rugs and upholstery, as well as complete dusting.
  • Expedient cleaning of all the glass surfaces, such as mirrors and windows, throughout the rental property.

This is just a sample of our entire checklist. After we complete our service, we also provide our client with a cleaning report to show exactly all of our cleaning. On top of that, we also provide evidence and support when needed via before and after photos. This is so you can see just how complete our cleaning services are.

Don’t let your investment property not be at its best, or don’t lose out on your deposit as a tenant, and reach out to us immediately. We are experts in commercial cleaning Coventry based, as well as handling student accommodation deep cleaning or serviced accommodation housekeeping when needed.

Ready to start with our Coventry End of Tenancy Cleaning?

Feel free to reach out to us right away via mailto:info@rhccleaningservices.co.uk or by calling us at 07414255263. You can also send a message across through our form here.


We offer Office cleaning, Domestic clean and commercial property clean such as Student accommodations, Warehouse cleaning, Hotel/Serviced Accommodation clean, pub cleaning, and Retail cleaning.

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